Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Opps a whole month went by!!!

I cannot believe that I have not updated the blog since the end on August.

September was cram packed with soccer and homeschooling co-op started up again and I have begun leading a bible study on Tuesday afternoons. I've nicked named it the Jami study cause all of the other three ladies in it are named Jami. It is confussing my kids cause they ask me mom "what jami's house are we going to today". Its become "katie" Jami, "three boy" Jamie", and Taylor " Jaimie.

And on top of all that we have been renovating. I am the official landscaper right now. I have dug up and under, both of the very over grown gardens. I took out both laundry posts. I had to dig a hole up to my thigh but I got those suckers out. Now I am moving on to digging under a spot where I want a flower garden and then I will take down two huge liliac bushes to make room for a driveway area for our trailer and a vehicle.

Jack has wired and plumbed the whole house now (the dinning room still needs a few plugs but other than that we are done. He is moving on to insulation now and then finally drywall.

The biggest news is we will have a working toilet and sink by early next week at the latest!!! that makes me so happy!!!

Sorry no new pictures. I had to make this quick. But I had to update it cause some of you crazy guys are hooked and have been bugging me to hear more!!!!!!! (Shannon, that would be you)

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