Saturday, March 27, 2010

You know the drill, read down till you see the word "March" then you are up to date for the month.
Loving the warmer weather this month, and to see all the snow now long gone.
Hope to see a continuing warming trend Thru April. If it does, that means I can get my Mountain bike out for the season.
Enjoy and see you next month.
Me scrubbing away the last of the wallpaper glue
(What do you think, do these pants make my butt look big? or is it me)

Renovation Update

So this month we have made some headway in our current renovation home. As of yesterday half the house has it's walls primed and ready for paint, and Jack finished refinishing the other rooms so that I can prime them next week.

The siding company came this week and started putting on the ivy siding, and it is making a 100% improvement to the outside of the home over the blue peeling paint.

We figure though, that truly we will not be able to finish till late May, and that is only providing we have no more set backs (like we did with the furnace).

Can't wait to show you it with new siding next month. You will be blown away with the difference.

Is that a cheesy smile on mine and Courtney's face or what?!
My Birthday cake made with Love by Courtney and the helping hand of Jack.

My Big Day

I had overall a great birthday this year. It was on a Friday, but really the festivities started on Thursday and ended on Saturday evening. We with royal names need a 3 day span for our festivities don't you know! (LOL).
Thursday morning, as the kids and I all headed out the door for home school co-op and home school PE class, when Jack announces he is going to stay home the whole day and clean the house so I can sit on my bottom on my birthday and not feel guilty about doing nothing. I could not have had a better birthday offer.
Thursday evening, Thomas was attending his first ever Christian Rock concert (he got to see Third Day live, I am a bit envious of that), so Jack and I cashed in on my free Birthday sitting done by our friend Shannon, and headed up to FT. Wayne, to use my free birthday stir-fry coupon from flat top grill, and free birthday ice-cream coupon from Coldstone creamery.
We then did a bit of shopping before heading home.
Friday, I woke up to fresh flowers on the dinning table. I treated myself to Starbucks on the way home from my spinners class, and came home to discover Jack already being hassled by Courtney about getting my cake made. She actually got the poor guy out of bed, after he stayed up late waiting for Thomas to get home. She is sort of a demanding child, once her mind is set, it is set (hmm....aunts and long time friends who does that remind you of).
We had lunch using my free spaghetti coupon from Fazzoli's and then I finished it off with a free strawberry ice drink (using a birthday coupon of course)
Jack then served the cake, (Courtney could not wait a minute longer to show me). After it was eaten Jack took me to the mall, where he spent a wad on new clothes for himself (and saved $20 on them with a coupon I had) , and I bought a few new items for myself (sadly no coupon but I did get deep clearance, and earned points on my rewards card).
I then spent the afternoon, in a delightful way, curled up on the couch between Courtney and Aiden watching "ink heart" it was a very good movie.
That night was a Sunday school party, where they severed birthday cake in my
Saturday night, was girls night Mexican followed by free-birthday coupon ice-cream from Culver's.
OHHH and the next day I enjoyed a free-birthday burrito from Moe's got to love those restaurant birthday clubs, earlier that week I also got free-birthday noodles from Noodles and Company that were delicious!!

My Camera Shy Guy
I was noticing the other day, that there are not a lot of Aiden pictures on this blog, compared to my other 2 children. I want you all to know (and my mommy guilt too!! ) that I do not favor the other 2 , THEY ARE JUST A LOT LOUDER!!! Honestly they are. Aiden is the child I always have to make sure is with us at outings, cause he doesn't talk much and the other 2 .....(well lets just say the are complete opposites to their brother in this respect.
Because of this Jack and I have to make sure we take Aiden out once and a while just him and one of us, tomake sure he gets the attention he needs, but unlike his siblings does not demand.
This month he needed a haircut badly, so I left the other 2 at home and took just him out. I needed to get my upper lip wax (remember that's a regular event for me now, thanks to my Loudest Eldest Child) So I was in the back of the beauty school getting ready to brace for pain when Aiden's hairdresser comes in. "Um mm Miss, how does your son want his hair cut, he won't say a word" so totally Aiden. We had rehearsed in the van ride to the beauty school several times over what sort of cut he wanted and just what to say in order to get it. But when faced with a stranger Aiden clamps up badly.
After his haircut, I decided to prolong his time one on one with me with one of his favorite treats: a hot fudge sundae from Md's. He never seizes to melt my heart, when he finishes it and has stickiness from head to toe.
Oh that's my Aiden, hes a lefty like me, and he is just as klutzy and just as able to get food all over the place when he eats. I love every ounce of him form that cute blond hair at the top of his head, to his never ending foot fungus on the bottom of his soles!!!
Scope Update
If you read last months installment, you know that my daughter is motivating me to put an end to my "yellowing" teeth. I am humbled to report that most evenings, I feel too tired to "swish" my teeth, in addition to brushing them. Yes I know its a 1 min process, but that is 1 min more between me and my comfy bed.
Sad I know. Even sadder is that my morning is such a rush, rush, rush from the moment I get home from the gym, I am also often missing the morning "swish".
But all in all I will say that even though I am not being diligent with my "swishing" I am noticing that my teeth are getting ever so slightly whiter.
Courtney however, has not noticed yet, and is now fixated, on just how old she will be before her own teeth turn yellow. She has developed a fascination with White vs. Yellow teeth.
So may I apologize in advance if my child asks to sees your teeth and then rates you on her "yellow bad, white good scale"