Sunday, November 9, 2008

What we do with our Saturday Nights!!!
Some people kick back and relax on a Saturday night, others hit the town, still others visit friends, as for Jack and I , we paint the night away while our children sleep on air mattresses in the boys now newly floored room. We are down to just a few large projects left now, and since we have a bed already there, we decided Jack's weekend off would be a perfect time to put in a late night and put in a few more hours at the reno. . Jack sanded and then primed all 27 doors and 7 drawers, on one side, while I painted the first coat on most of the kitchen cabinets and the study cabinets . We fell into bed just after midnight and decided next time we do it we need to bring something to put on the windows of our bedroom, there are a lot of street lights on that side of town!!!

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