Friday, December 22, 2006

Individual updates on our exibits!!!

Jack is currently busy in his shop. He just finished getting his woodstove installed and just bought the materials for a new workbench. He spent the bulk of his christmas money sent by relatives on tools for the new metal "Celebrate Jesus" signs that he wants to start making and selling his first attempt was wooden and not quite as sturdy as he had hoped although the lady who asked him to make it was please with it and has already had two people knock on her door asking where she got it.

The new grand total for dishclothes sold is 76 with a additional order of 3 more that still need to be made. I have also sold 16 of my crochet little girl purses. I am already starting the wheels going for a combined craft open house at my house next christmas season, and making a mental list of what I should make and put away every month in preperation for it.

I am leaving for mom's on the 9th and staying two weeks with Courtney in Courtenay!!!

Thomas is so exicted right now about an up coming birthday party of his friend's. They are going to go to the new indoor water park hotel in Indy!! He is doing indoor soccer right now and his team is very good.

Aiden decided to branch out from soccer this season and try basketball, he has had a few practices but no games yet.

Courtney is really into art lately. She is chopping up every piece of scrap paper she can find with sissors and naming the scraps. She almost always has a felt or crayon in her hand.


Christine said...

Dear Vicky~What a great way to keep us all updated on what's going on. Wish we could be together this year. Have a Merry Christmas. Love Christine

plankburner said...

HI Vicky great news and card Thanks so much Have a great Christmas season Will look forward to seeing you here again.

plankburner said...

just tried out that name. Guess you are wondering who plankburner is.... an aunt who is always looking for chat... yup Aunty Dorcas. bye again love all Dorcas

Tanya K said...

Hi Vicky,
Great idea! I've never checked out a blog before! I'm not very techno, so I will just send an e-mail update, but it will have pictures now!
Merry Christmas to all of you!