Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Never Ending House of Reno's
I know you are all wondering if we are getting near completion on our current Reno home.I know that we started out with a plan to renovate both homes in one year and yes we realize that plan was a bit too ambitious now, which is why we have both come to our senses and realized a two year plan is more our speed.
But, with all that said I want you all to know that we are making headway. I keep forgetting to bring my camera to give you all some proof but for now until this absent minded momma remembers to put that darn camera in her purse before heading over to the Reno home you will just have to listen to me babble on a bit.
The biggest thing is that all walls on the bottom floor are now complete. Most of the paint work is even done on that floor too. I have amazing friends who heard I was planing to paint one Friday evening and before I knew it I had a crew of 6 women including myself, who spent up to four hours painting my first floor, first and second coat!!! And I did not even have to ask any of them, they just showed up and started working. I was very thankful. Now I just have a few touch ups to complete on the cathedral ceiling in the study nook (which will be our homeschooling room) and then it is complete.
Jack has been busy with the upstairs floor getting it ready for the crew that mud's and tapes for us. We decided last minute to take down the plaster in the master bedroom. We originally were just going to live with it, but then we discovered the room had no insulation, and though we could have done blown in, we also noticed a few cracks and faults and decided it would be easier all around to De-plaster it and dry wall it.
So we ordered yet another dumpster (yep that is dumpster number 4 who knew a old home could create so much junk!!) And Jack has been working on filling it all week with garbage from the drive way and other areas. However the week flew by without Jack having enough time to finish the job in time for the dumpster pick up.
So.......................... instead of spending our Sunday afternoon doing what Jack and I usually love to do on Sunday afternoons, which is to let the kid's what way too much TV, while we spend the afternoon napping, reading and cuddling, underneath the covers of our King size bed we went over to our renovation home and scooped up and threw plaster out of our soon to be new bedroom into a dumpster. Not quite as relaxing as our usually Sunday ritual, but strangely enjoyable all the same.You know that you are an odd couple when you get enjoyment out of scooping plaster together.
We are now thinking that we will move in some time this spring. Which would be great because by then my three active children will have saved us a lot of De-plastering labour. They have currently knocked several holes in the plaster of the stairway, and all 4 bedrooms and their continual jumping is now causing me to have to keep my dining room table covered at all times, as small chips of plaster are falling off my ceiling (needless to say I stopped inviting people over for dinner, no one really enjoys plaster falling in their meal, not a great garnish).
Yep, This old home definately is due for a overhaul. My lovable yet, destructive family of five (and I do mean five, Jack and I are just as hard on things as the kids, we have broken just as much stuff as they have), has not really done much for this old home, it was in need of major repair when we moved in five years ago, now its way past that, if this house had a voice it would be screaming at the top of its lungs at us all saying "Help, look what they have done to me, please help me!!!! Restore my beauty!!" And to my current home, I say "hold on, help is coming, just please in the mean time would you stop putting plaster chips in my dinner.

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