Sunday, March 9, 2008

Our Family Vacation!!!

During the month of February we took 5 days off, and enjoyed a little well earned R&R with our kiddo's. We started off with a 2 night stay at Kalahari Resorts in Dayton Ohio, the second largest water park in North America. Sorry no pictures, cause I did not want to spend my time babysitting a camera pool side, I wanted to just enjoy!! And enjoy we did. I highly recommend the Kalahari experience to every family. It is the most economical indoor water park in our area, and it is the biggest. It is worth the three hour drive.

There is a wave park with 6 feet waves, numerous water slides. A cool lily pad race (which Aiden challenged me on twice and both time I lost!!!!). Many of the water slides are raft rides that you can experience with up to four people.

There is even a indoor water roller coaster, that I went on more times than I can count (and that was purely a mommy sacrifice thing for me, cause this girl does not enjoy roller coasters ,but Courtney was too small to go without a adult and she loves them, so I went on it over and over again with her till I felt like I was going to loose my morning bagel and creme cheese, then I told her perhaps we could do the lazy river for a while, and give moms tummy a digestive break).

Jack treated me to a afternoon at the spa, while we were there. I got my very first manicure and let me tell you I am hooked. I tried to do my own when I got home but it looked so bad I had to take it off before it even dried. Oh well my birthday is this week so perhaps I will treat myself to another one with my birthday stash.

I also had a hot rock massage. Very relaxing.

Jack and I took turns watching the children at the water park while the other one enjoyed a get away to the local shops (or spa). We then spent the evening hours together as a family of five unit. The kids had so much fun that they were worn out by the third day and actually choose to leave the park early to get to our next destination

Which was Cincinnati, There we spent the last two nights and two days of our trip.

The first day we enjoyed a full day at the Creation Museum. We got there at 10 and stayed till 4. The boys loved the dinosaurs and the various short films that you could sit in on were great, one even had you sitting in seats that moved and vibrated along with the action of the show and then it squirted water out into the crowd during the part about Noah's Ark.

The final day we spent at the aquarium. It was very neat, and in a nice area of the city. Jack and I were so impressed by Cincinnati that we are actually thinking of returning there for a two night get away just the two of us, in honor of our next wedding anniversary.

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