Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scope Update
If you read last months installment, you know that my daughter is motivating me to put an end to my "yellowing" teeth. I am humbled to report that most evenings, I feel too tired to "swish" my teeth, in addition to brushing them. Yes I know its a 1 min process, but that is 1 min more between me and my comfy bed.
Sad I know. Even sadder is that my morning is such a rush, rush, rush from the moment I get home from the gym, I am also often missing the morning "swish".
But all in all I will say that even though I am not being diligent with my "swishing" I am noticing that my teeth are getting ever so slightly whiter.
Courtney however, has not noticed yet, and is now fixated, on just how old she will be before her own teeth turn yellow. She has developed a fascination with White vs. Yellow teeth.
So may I apologize in advance if my child asks to sees your teeth and then rates you on her "yellow bad, white good scale"

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