Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let me first apologize I have no photo's for May, I just kept on forgetting the camera, or I was so wrapped up in what I was doing I forgot to take pictures of the events as they were happening.
We started the month out with
Very cold and windy day, but my kids all came through with shinning colors,
1st place in 100m
1st place in long jump (6 feet 2 1/2 inches)
1st place in softball throw (25 feet)
2ND place in 200 m
In our group girls run along side the boys in their age group but only really compete against other girls, but oh it makes this mama's heart beat when I hear my girl say "mama did I beat those boys too!!!" "YES GIRL YOU DID!"
1st place in long jump (8feet 6 and a half inches)
2ND place softball throw (58 feet)
2ND place 100m
3rd place 200m
1st place in long jump (12 feet 8 inches)
2ND place 100m
2ND place 400m relay
3rd place softball throw (63 feet)
You will notice a trend going on, all three of my children won long jump in their division, makes this former long jumper proud! got to be in those gene's.
Jack came out to help us that day and we worked the finish line together during the whole event so I didn't get a chance to see those winning jumps, nor snap pic's. We finished off the day with Lunch at the pizza hut buffet, where we at every single calorie we burned off and more.
Homeschooling convention
On Saturday May 15Th I spent the entire day listening to speakers on topics of homeschooling highschoolers to raising a thinker, stopping only for lunch after my belly noises became louder than the speaker. I soaked in 6 hrs of lectures and enjoyed every minute of it very uplifting and encouraging speakers this year.
I went into the sales hall for only 45 minutes, just long enough to purchase a few items that we needed right away and to grab catalogues for purchases that could wait.
We started our new school year in June, since we switched the children to a 12 month school calender last year, and we are all loving it, we school 3 weeks on and 1 week off.
Summer time is a bit more broken up though, we might school and hr or 2 in the morning, then join friends at the pool, then finish our school day off inside and safe from the intense heat of the day.
I am also not against having school on a Saturday if dad is free during the week to do a day trip. That is the plus of homeschooling, pure flexibility to suit the needs of your students and family.
Still not under that 2 hour mark yet
Okay lesson learned. Before you sign up for a 1/2 marathon in which you wish to break a personal record check to see what the elevation is on the course. My last 1/2 marathon was just under 2 hours 5 minutes , BUT the course was flat. I really wanted to beat that time this spring, BUT the course we signed up for this time turned out to have over 1000 ft of elevation from start line to finish, and most of it being a huge hill right at mile 8 that went up and up and up and up and... well it really made me question if I might have been beamed somewhere other than the cornfields of Indiana that I live in. Needless to say it did not make for a great place to beat my time, but I did finish in just over 2 hrs 5 minutes so I pretty much maintained my old personal best, meaning that if it had been a flat course odds are good I would have beat it.
Of course, the competitive side of me has to see if I can do just that, so I am signing up for a fall 1/2 marathon, on a course that I already know, hoping to finally kiss that 2+ hr category good-bye.
15 yrs of married bliss
Yep me and my sweety are up to 15 years now. We went to breakfast on our big day (Jack had to work at 11) and plan to get away for 2 nights 3 days while the kids are attending church camp early June. Not sure where we are going yet, but last time we didn't know till we ended up there, and that turned out to be a great trip, so I am guessing this one will too.
the Reno/Rental
It is almost done, just flooring to install and 2 windows to trim out and paint, and a bit of plumbing. We are planning to rent it July 1st and already have a lot of interest in it, the first person came for a look this weekend.
Once it is done, we got a few things that need repairing on our current home then we plan to start on our original homestead converting it into a one bedroom suite, and blocking off the upstairs. The plaster upstairs has really decayed and the expense and time to take it all down and dry wall really isn't worth the amount we would get back in rent right now. But single people seem to love its close location to town and the hospital (where a lot of singles work). So we figure why not go with what it seems to attract, door off the upstairs and turn one of the 2 living areas into a bedroom and just rent it that way for now. We will start on those renovations after our current renter moves out (hey if its rented now as is, might as well see it as an excuse to take a break from reno-ing for a while).
Well that was our May 2010 in a nut shell, with a yard sale thrown in , a trip to the zoo, standardized testing for the boys, trips to the now open ice-cream shop, walks to the park, bike rides around the park and even a dip in a back yard pool, ahh... the smells and sounds of summer are upon us!!! LOVE IT!!!

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