Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jack's Last BirthdayYep you read the title right, this is a picture of Jack's last birthday. You see he says he is not hitting 40, so from now on we won't be celebrating his day thus his 39Th year of life will just go on........................................well until his final day of life here on earth.
I think his last birthday was a good one. We went out for lunch at the flattop grill (with free birthday coupon of course). Its a restaurant where you get to create your own stir fry. Then he bought himself a new pair of runners, (to work in not to run in, I felt bad for the poor runners, I can hear them screaming to be used for their intended purpose, poor things are going to need Prozac in a month just to make it through life, since they sadly will never experience the thrill of doing what they were designed to do).
We then headed home, for a nap, followed by a steak dinner on the grill. Then a movie with the kids (oh and by the way I think the new "Alice in wonderland" is demented!!!). And then came Jacks favorite part of the day, HIS CHERRY CHEESE CAKE.
The next day we continued the celebration in the afternoon, with a pool party at our friends home. And another cake was served that we labeled "the pink mountain cake" for all the children. Now either you have a mind of innocent youth right now and have no idea what I am talking about, or you are a member of my family and laughing your head off. HE ASKED MAKE IT!!! AND HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO GIVE ME A CHALLENGE AND NOT EXPECT ME TO RISE TO IT, and that is all I have to say on that matter, cause this blog is family rated, so you will have to ask me personally to see the pics.

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