Sunday, April 25, 2010

One more week of April left.
We are still working on the new rental. Only the half bath needs one more coat of paint, then all the walls are done and only trim needs a new coat of white. Jack is hanging those last pieces of trim this week and then he will move on to laying a concrete slab for the air conditioning unit, before he hits the plumbing. After plumbing its flooring, then clean up the dust and get it rented. I am still hoping for a June 1st rented date, but Jack got a really bad head cold this week that cost us 2 days work. I know I could have gone over their and at least painted but I like having a partner for company and direction, and believe me I found enough catch-up stuff to do at home.
May for our family means the last month of the school year before the new one begins, we switched to whole year schooling last summer now going 3 weeks on 1 week off all year, it just works better for our family.
I also have a half marathon booked with a friend later in the month, I did a local one at the university in town just the other weekend and finished in just under 2hrs 5 minutes (for 13.1 miles).
You know the drill, read on down till you hit the title "April" then you know you are all caught up!

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