Sunday, October 31, 2010

A beautiful Autumn Night For a Pumpkin Walk
this picture does not do justice to the beautiful sky we saw
How come when I look at all the pumpkins at the bin in Walmart, I don't see this!! sigh...guess I just don't have a creative pumpkin mind.

Courtney and her buddy Landon checking out some of the pumpkins along the lighted path (oh and by the way this is the community path that I bike on and run on alot during the warm weather)

The candy throwing golf cart at the start of the costume parade.

My candy loving little lady who ran to keep up to the candy throwing golf cart above!

The Sweester pumpkin walk has been a tradition in our family for years, often enjoyed with the company of our favorite once neighbors the White's (also the owners of the White's resort, form a summer post, well at least I call it a resort, they call it the backyard).
Sometimes we do the walk in costume, sometimes without. Sometimes the weather is warm, sometimes its freezing. But whatever the weather there is just something about pumpkins all lit up and lined in a row that puts you in a great fall mood.

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