Sunday, October 31, 2010

My New Passion

Courtney enjoying a java chip frappe!!!
It all started in April 2009 just a little over a year and a half ago, when this daughter of a mother who could cook ya into a coma (especially with her baked goods), got a kitchen with space and light. Suddenly, those genes kicked in, maybe it was the light, maybe it was the space, or perhaps it was the gleaming new black appliances (that my mother would do nothing but grumble about if she were here to see them, she thought black did not belong on an appliance, I disagree).
Anyways whatever it was my cooking gene kicked in big time. I find myself drawn to
my kitchen for often hours at a time, experimenting with different recipes, first it was cookies, then it was bread goods..........and now its smoothies, frappes and protein shakes.
And I am not the only one who is hooked on these gems of the blender. Courtney loves them, she sips away my choc, banana peanut butter shakes for breakfast, and sucks down my java chip frappes for afternoon snacks.
I posted the Java chip frappe' recipe on my facebook page and within days I was hearing reports of fellow facebooks being hooked on them.
So I thought I would try to get a few more people hooked by sharing with my blogging friends and family the recipe I have created once more. (and yes I did create this all on my own, I love making up my own recipes, or following others very loosely)
Put the following as follows in the blender:
1/3 cup cold strong brewed coffee
1/3 cup skim milk (or whatever milk you got)
2 tbsp ovaltine (or choc syrup )
1 tbsp vanilla whey powder (my friends say it taste great without it if you don't have it)
2 tbsp choc chips (or skip)
1 cup crushed ice
Mix for at least 2 min's to make it really frothy, when made as above it has around 150 calories and lots of calcium protein and vitamins, but go ahead and make it to your own liking.
HUH perhaps now I should move on to pies!!! that would make my man happy!

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