Sunday, October 31, 2010

The loving sacrifices of a Father

This is the TV the father bought
And this is one of the three children watching the TV their father bought

And this is the Father watching his live steaming Netflixs on his 3 by 5 inch ipod screen, while his son watches it on his big flat screen TV he bought. Oh the sacrifices of love a parent makes!
This month we added netflixs to our monthly bills. We were paying around $4 a month for 4 movies out of the redbox each month, and found out that netflix is only $9 a month, and includes not just movies brought to your door in record time (like a day after you order them) but also a huge selection of live streaming movies and TV shows that the whole family can watch using our wireless Internet connection (with no commercials) whenever they wish (well Jack and I that is, the kids have an hour a day till their weekly reading is done, then 2 hrs after that).
Right now we are enjoying the first month FREE. And I of course registered through our mypoints account so I will get 1000 points towards a CVS card, that I will in turn use to buy items for close to free by combining sales and store coupons stacked with manufacturing coupons, OH HOW I LOVE THE BARGAIN WORLD!
So far I give Netflix a thumbs up, their selection of live streaming is awesome their delivery of new releases is lightening speed. Jack is loving that he can watch it in on his ipod while on "the john" shall we say! You should have seen his face when he realized that!! it was priceless!!!

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