Thursday, August 23, 2007

A bit of Flipping News and a Bit of this and that!!
This week in flipping I managed to de-staple and strip three window frames only to have more staples put in them due to thunderstorms and heavy rains causing us to need to cover all the open windows with plastic till our new windows arrive. Oh well at least they are paint free. Of course I have 4 windows and all the moldings around the floor to go, but hey progress is progress.
Jack has been working on the wiring of the home. Just the kitchen and bathrooms and 1/2 of the last bedroom and I think he is done (nope now I remember him mumbling something about the dining room and formal living room still to go too) But we are getting closer.
The family room has insulation and wiring. And this weekend it will get its plastic bearer put in and then we are ready for drywall (well okay just in that room really, but at least one room is getting close to the drywall stage) So we are feeling pretty good right now.

Here is Courtney modeling the dresses that I made for her this summer. I finally got my sewing machine out again, after years of it sitting on the shelf. Each of these dresses took one evening to cut out and two to sew. I am working on a four teired one right now, but with soccer season in full swing as well as homeschooling (for you Canadians, American's start school early to mid August) and oh don't let me forget our reno home, I think it will be a while till it gets done.
Boy does she love them though I finished the first one mid week but she hung it in the closet till Sunday. At first this kind of bothered me as I wanted to see her enjoy it right away, but Sunday she bounced out of bed and into her dress and when we got to church she stoped everyone she could and said "MY MAMA MADE ME THIS" with the biggest grin on her face you ever did see. So I guess I am a winner in her eyes when it comes to sewing.

Here are some pictures of my little helpers. We had an early game one afternoon and afterwards all five of us headed over to the reno home for a family working bee. I once again had nail pulling duty (but it was for the last time!!! Yeah all the nails are gone!!!) So Aiden and Courtney joined in and helped!!

Don't ya love Aiden's rainboots and I think it was in the low 80's that day so you know his feet had to be hot but he insisted on wearing them.

Courtney is my little dress and skirt wearer, evening doing reno work she insists on wearing a skirt. In winter though she changes to jeans (she is like her mom, she does not like tights much so would rather just wear pants when its too cold to be bare legged).

I know some of you are probably wondering where Thomas is. Well he was out in the back shed watching a movie. He is not really enjoying this reno thing as much as his brother and sister. He prefers instead to help me out around the house (which I don't mind I could use it) . I am thinking a one on one day with dad at the reno house might help. So we are waiting for a day Jack could use an extra pre-teen hand and they can drink pop and grab a fast food lunch and crank the radio for the day and that hopefully should change Thomas' mind (well maybe)

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