Friday, August 3, 2007

The last two weeks of flipping!!!

Well, it is now August and we are entering month three of our flip. We are still tearing down, but we can now see light at the end of the tunnel right as I type my hubby is putting down the new sub floor in the downstairs bathroom and kitchen.

I am staying home today as it was a surprise early day for Jack and it is too hot to put the kids outside even in the shade and too late to get a sitter. But I am itiching to be there, I love helping it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something towards our goals. I know that what I do here at home is important too, but I think all you women would agree that it gets frustrating at times when you find out you have to do most of it all over again the next day!!

This week the last dumpster (that would be number 4) is coming and I am actually going to spend my first full day by myself at the house.(aren't you proud of me I am facing my fear of rodents for the sake of our time linefilling the dumpster up so that we can spend our Wednesday together building the house up. It feels so good to be almost done with tear down.

No live rats have been found, but we did get infested with fleas again. Don't know where they are coming from there is not anything left of the house!!! No curtains or carpet, just bare walls and floors.

The huge furnace is out of the basement and I do mean huge it was bigger than some of the space shuttles that I have seen go to the moon. You should have seen Jack after he knocked it out he was wet from head to toe with sweat.

The basement actually looks really good without the furnace and junk. We are thinking of redoing the concrete floor down there and painting the walls,( and thanks to vandals it is also getting new windows) , doing so would make it look all fresh and perhaps give the next person the idea that they could add to their living space by renovating it further.

I have been busy with nail pulling duty and plaster knock down and lathe pull down. I like the plaster and lathe stuff better than nail pulling, that is so boring!!!!! Although plaster knock down sure is a dusty job, even with a mask dust still manages to somehow get in your nose (here is a tip though if you should find yourself with a dusty inner nose, take your removable shower head and shoot it up your nose it really works!!!!) But it is almost done just one more bedroom to complete and we can then move on to putting up insulation (the house had none their heat bill must have been through the roof) and then finally drywall and paint.

Well I got to go, soccer season started this week and I need to get dinner going before practice. The boys schedual is hectic this time, I think I have 5 free weekday evenings from now to mid october, and that is only if Thomas's coach does not book any more practices. I love being a soccer mom though, it is such a great sport to watch, and it requires hardly any equipment so its inexpensive, and hardly any violence either. Rainy games are the best, nothing like watching mud fly!!!! I guess I am still a kid at heart really.

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