Thursday, August 16, 2007

The last 14 days of Flipping!!

Well another two weeks have flown by, and a lot has happened. Jack and I were just over there tonight with the kids and I think we put the last of the stuff in the dumpster and we now finally have moved on completely to building the place back up.

Well actually I did not throw things in the dumpster, I got the mind numbing job of pulling a million and one staples from the trim work around the master bedroom window (okay maybe not a million, but believe me there was at least 100+)

While the boys enjoyed their day camp at the local state park last week, I found Courtney a few playmates to stay and play at while I put in some hours at the house (and I was by myself too I might add, I finally kicked that fear of intruding rodents). I knocked all the plaster off the last bedroom walls and then stripped the outer bathroom wall of all its lathe and then nails so it can be insulated.
I am now moving on to trim work. I am going to pull out all staples (and there are a lot of staples, I am thinking the previous owners loved using plastic on the windows in winter) Then go at it with a paint scrapper and then an orbital sander, making them all smooth and ready for antique white paint.

Jack has been working on redoing the wiring, and he also took out all the existing outdated light fixtures and the junk fom the attic and dumped them in hopefully what will be our last dumpster for a while.

I was sort of thinking I would fill this last dumpster mostly by myself while Jack moved on to electrical, but between the hot hot heat and the dumpster arriving a day later than planned and then me putting my neck and shoulder out for 3 days (kind of embarassing but I was taking off a rubbermaid lid and pulled a muscle, very wierd and painful) my kid free time was gone, and the dumpster would be gone before my next babysitter time slot. So he did it once the weather finally cooled off a bit.

Hopefully by the next time I write, we will have our ordered windows in and our heating and central air installed as well as a new electrical pannel and working lights!!!

Oh and by the way, for those of you that are like me and are not that computer savy!! you can click your mouse on any of the pictures below and it will get big!!! ( I discovered this on accident, so I thought I'd pass it on, cause it exticted me)

Our Nieghbors!!!

In case our picture of our reno home made you wonder why it was just $10,000 here is what one of our nieghbors homes looks like, and really this picture does it too much justice!!!

This is a picture of a days hard work for me a room full of knocked down plaster. YOu should have seen me I looked like a coal miner, I used that shower head up the nose trick that day and still it felt dusty. (and yes for those saftey consious folks I did wear a ventalation mask)
This is our lovely claw foot tub sitting in the master bedroom right now. It needs a paint job!!
This is a close up of the flowers that someone lovingly painted on and really thick too, can't do just a primer and a paint job on this thing. But I really want to save it I am thinking sanding. Going to research it a bit.

Yes!!! I do, do more than just Reno's for Fun!!!

Here is a picture of my friend Letha getting the royal treatment at one of the mexican restuarants in town. Thats whip cream they are scooping in her face, its a birthday tradition around here. Letha is the first of my friends to hit the big 40!!!

We had such a fun time celebrating it. Our friend planned a whole treasure hunt for her, and we each waited at a certain location around town with gift certificates and presents in our hands as well as a clue to the next spot.

We had a blast!!!! Happy 40th Letha, I love ya!!!!


susan said...

Victoria, ya crack me up!! It's concerning/hilarious how all of my friends (& myself) seem to be suffering from "injuries" due to opening rubbermade containers & the like. WHY does no one tell you these things? Speaking of things you wish someone told you, are you going to drop any hints to your new neighbor? Maybe have a dumpster delivered to his driveway for a day or two?

Victoria said...

I am so glad I am not the only one injured by rubbermaid items. I wonder if we write the company and complain if they will come up with so funky warning labels, like every other item out there. Jack found out that our yucky looking nieghbor is a long term friend of alot of people who are on city council so I think we will not have much luck getting him to clean up his act.