Friday, August 3, 2007

Just a few pic's!!!

Our little workers
Its a hard life, watching TV outside in the shade while Mom and Dad work and lots of time Aiden too (he loves to help).
Still no toilet so they are all getting to be experts at peeing in the corner of the yard. Courtney at first kept on getting her shorts wet, now she takes them off and then leaves them far away from the pee corner and then returns to put them on again. Soon however we will have a spot for them to sit inside and a working toilet.
Don't worry though they are not stuck outside for hours at a time. We hire a sitter for Jack's day off and one evening a week. So really the children are only with us here and there when Jack get a surprise short day of work, or he gets told he can come in later than normal.
And during this heat wave we are experiencing, well I am just staying home with them when jack gets surprise time off, its too hot even to be sitting in the shade watching movies even for a short few hours.
Aiden our best helper he just loves to get in on the action. You should see him in a face mask and work gloves, he looks so gosh darn adorable, and when he has a hammer in hand and starts pounding with all his might at the walls, well I just glow with mother pride.
Here it is our $10,000 dollar wonder. The front door is off to the side, and down on the bottom the previous owners walled out the front window but we plan to bring it back and add black shutters and a red door. You will notice that thanks to vandals we now have to replace the upstairs window too!! The other week they broke in through the basement ones, but still nothing taken or even moved. Don't know what they are after but obviously we don't have it.

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