Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Dinner with "Christmas Crackers" of Course"
(and yes that is laundry in the background, if you read further you will discover I had a few hours to kill before the kiddos got up on the big day, so I did a bit of laundry, but it got so busy after the kids got up, that it did not get away, not surprising in this house I know)
Jack and his Stuffing
(if only I had a picture of the look on his face when the whole bottle of poultry seasoning ended up dumping out at once, oh well it was still good!!!)
The Big Meal
Now normally here at Huzinga Zoo, we have our big dinner the day before Christmas before Jack goes to work at 3pm. But we wanted to fit in a bit of painting at the Reno house, so we decided we would move the big meal to the big day. The other children were fine with it but Aiden told me over and over on the day before Christmas, "when are we having our big meal mom" and "why again are we having it tomorrow", needless to say I think for Aiden's sake we consider switching it back to the day before again.
For us the big meal is Ham, green bean casserole, and stuffing. We keep it simple cause truly it is just Jack and I who eat it. The kids will all eat Ham, but they all hate stuffing and they all hate green bean casserole, so it is usually a five minute dinner with the kids and then us two sit quietly enjoying our meal, while the kids go off to fill themselves up on the candy Santa brought them!!!! I figure for one day, what can it hurt them, and heck that's more Christmas fixings for Jack and I.

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