Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stocking Time
If you read below, you will see that my children all awoke at different times on Christmas morning, but yet all of them hours after their mama. I treasure it though even though I do think it is kind of weird they wake after me, but because I wake up earlier I get the joy of watching the excitement of each child as they walk down the stairs and see the presents awaiting them. I see their hands shaking with anticipation as they rip open their first gift in their stocking (I am one of those moms who would wraps every little thing for the big day). I love seeing their eyes light up as they see that item they have been waiting for.
Oh and if you are looking at the pictures of the stockings and wondering what is on the toe of each sock, that would be a name label. You see this mama had great intentions of getting some fabric paint and writing each child's name on the new socks that I bought on clearance last year, but it never happened (I forgot about it, till Christmas Eve, too late to fix matters then). So out of desperation I got Courtney to put each child's name on a label and press it on the sock for me!!! Hey it worked!!!

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