Sunday, January 4, 2009

What do you do waiting for the Kiddo's to wake up!!!
I am sure I am not the only mom who wakes up on Christmas morning, waiting for the Kids to get up. I know in most households it is the other way around but here at Huizinga Zoo, I am up first. This time I tossed a turned till 3:50 am, and then gave up. I got up, looked up the christmas story in the bible and read it, prayed, showered, made myself breakfast. Then still no one was up, so I went on line, looked up a recipes for cinnimon buns at my favorite site (go to it you will not regret it) I got out the ingredients, cooked the buns, washed up the dishes, and waited, oh and did I mention this whole time I was also doing several loads of laundry) . Finally at 6:30 Thomas awoke, and he and I waited yet another hour till Courtney and Aiden decided to wake up, by then Jack was already also showered and dressed.
So I am asking other mother's out there!!! Are my kids abnormal or what?? At their age I remember hardly sleeping a wink!!! And still now in My 30's I still don't!!!

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