Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Birthday Party
First let me appologize that the pictures are backwards, I am kind of rusty at blogging, too many months off!!!!
Any ways, this year Courtney and Aiden both wanted a pool party. Due to the expense of it we told them we would do it if they were willing to have a shared party. They agreed with less than a second of thought.
We hosted it at our local YMCA. It started first with a pool hour and then an hour in the game room where we served pizza, pop, and cake.
Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I must say a definate benifit was no clean up at home!!!

Aiden surrounded by his friends opening his gifts, lots of lego, some hot wheels and his favorite, CASH!!!
Courtney and her barbies, I think she got 3 new ones, but she needed them, her old ones were getting very ratty, she is not the most lady like with them. Ken never has his head on, causing me much worry, how will I ever marry her off if she keeps bitting off mens heads!!! (LOL) The girl barbies are always being sent into flight by their hair (poor things) But she does also spend alot of time playing with them and dressing and re-dressing them. I got her a load of barbie clothes at a yard-sale and she does little chores around the house for me to earn each new ziplock bag full. I think her barbies now have more clothes than she does!!!

The cake, a close second to ice-cream sandwich cake for these two is their grandma Gina's recipe for chocolate wacky cake, topped off with my recipe for chocolate truffle icing. I am not much of a icing writer so I always us M&M's and our birthday sign to top the cakes. And of course the are not 97 years old but 9 and 7.

Aiden and his friends playing on the splash pad.

Courtney and her friends hamming it up for the camera!!!!

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