Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I just noticed it has been since late February that I last wrote.
Sorry, I know that you must be dying for some new pictures of the kids and an update on our lives.
We are in our new home (read more below). I really got to get some pictures of it for ya. I will try and work on that.
I am actually writing from the parking lot of Jefferson point, a large shopping area in Fort Wayne. It is zoo week for my children. They start looking forward to it from the day we get up early to register them in early February. For 5 days we get on the road at 7:30 am and do not return till 4pm. It is worth every minute though, they learn so much and talk about it for weeks afterwards.
It is a bit of a drive for me so I stay in the city for the day. One can only do so much shopping so now I have taken to making my van into a very comfy haven and read and take naps and find free WI-FI for the lap top, oh and I always park close to the restrooms (very important when one drinks so much sweet tea!!!).
Enjoy reading, hopefully I will not take as long to write again. I finally put all the photo's on my lap top.
In our new home, I have a counter space right off the kitchen that is so handy for my laptop to sit on. I keep facebook on most of the day now, and glance at it now and again!!!
Did I mention I am loving the new home!!! I hate to leave it most days, becoming like a hermit, just ask my friends!!! The front porch is my favorites in the morning, and Jack's TV altar is where you will find me in the evenings just knitting away!!! The school room is fabulous right off the kitchen and laundry area, I can teach and get a few things done.
OH and the master bedroom, so spacious and with three windows the cross breezes are amazing. So is the walk in closet.
Yep I feel extremely blessed!!!!
Read on and enjoy!!!

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