Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our latest Project
We finally moved into our Reno. home in early April. We moved the weekend of the anniversary of mom's passing, I thought it was fitting considering her generous gift to our family enabled us to take on and succeed at the project.
There are still very little minor, things to be finished up in each room, but that I think is pretty normal and we will get to those when the weather turns.
For now we are attacking the back yard. At first we were going to leave it unfenced until we finished renovating our old home, but within days of living at the new place we discovered that there are a lot of BIG stray dogs in the area, did I mention they are really BIG. And so to keep them out of our yard and to proctect us from them, we decided to build the fence now.
We also want to enlarge the back deck and give it a covering from the sun, since we took out the tree due to it being too close to the house, it is a shade free yard, and too hot to hang out in, a covered deck will help matters greatly.
As I write I assume Jack is hard at work on it (It is zoo camp week, so I am up in Fort Wayne for the day waiting on the kids, otherwise I would be helping in some way).

t Courtney reminds me a lot of me at my age. She would much rather be outside helping her daddy with a project then doing inside chores (future son-in-laws, please note your home will not be spotless, but your Honey do list will recieve much help from her). She insisted on helping us dig up the wood chips from the stump, and then leveling the rocks for the alley parking spots.
Ah brings back memories, of wood chopping and stacking, and concrete stirring with my own daddy. He may have not been a perfect dad (is there really such a thing) but he did include me in his projects and I can still see him smiling as I insisted I was strong enough to lift large sacks of chicken feed and to his amazement and delight, I did all the way to the the chicken Coop. Yep some girls get cute knick names from their dad's like "peanut" mine was "little miss independant one", more like an indian name really than a nickname, but he always smiled as he said it.

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