Sunday, April 25, 2010

Take a LOOK at HER NOW!!!

Here she is all done up in her new coat of ivy!!! we had people driving by slow for days in awe of the improvement
Here is a picture of what she looked like before in case you have forgotten.

Even though siding has taken up half our fix-up budget, I would say it was totally worth the investment. I love the crew that we hired, they did work for us at our current home as well and they are fast, efficient, accurate, respectful and clean, something that I am discovering after doing a few Reno's now is a EXTREMELY HARD COMBO. TO FIND for those of you local who need siding its the "Clevenger family" highly recommend them, yes their quote will be higher than others but the work is done right! and most importantly its done.

You have no idea how many times Jack and I have tried to hire something out only to do it ourselves because we are so frustrated waiting for the workers to come over and do it. Then there was the dry waller who not only smoked in my house he stomped out the cigarette butts in my floor (yeah I know a new one was going in but still that's rude). Plus he got drywall mud all over Jack's new job site radio that I got him for father's/birthday, and he didn't even ask to use it, or try to clean it, or apologize for it. Okay, okay, ya I still have issue with that guy! I am working on letting it go, truly I am, but believe me I would never hire nor recommend him, and oddly enough I can't even remember his name that is how good an impression he made on me.

All that said, I love the look of the home now and can rent it without feeling like a slum Lord who is bringing down the neighborhood.

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