Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I bought with my Birthday $$$$

I actually just bought the Jillian "yoga" DVD for my birthday and the new 6 lbs weights, but I had to show you my whole collection of Jillian so I could tell you her workout DVDs rock!!! she is as hard on you as you see her be on biggest loser, and they really do work. I am now much more of a help to my husband when it comes to lifting awkward items (like the second hand gas stove we bought last week for the new rental)
This is my baby, my new toy!!! I get money every year from my dad, and in laws, and Jack and sometimes my English grandmother. I am not as quick to spend it as I use to be, now I put a lot of thought into my purchases. For instance with this watch I researched the different models on line. I had the more pricey one earmarked (or in my favorites as it is in cyber world) when I decided to borrow a friends who had the model pictured. I was worried the big face would bother my wrist on long runs ( I am the queen of chaffing and its not pretty). But I wore it for 3 weeks on long and short runs and not a chafe mark, and no signs of irritation, so I got my own!

For those of you who are not a running crazed fool, this watch is like taking a treadmill computer with you, it tells you distance by using the satellites, and it tracks your speed and time.

You can also use it on bike rides. I finally got my bike out this week, and love it oh how I miss it over the winter, I love biking more than running (yes that is possible), problem is sometimes I get so into daydreaming when biking that I forget to look where I am going and when I look up I have problems finding my way back home, BUT that is what the cell phone is for, to call Jack to rescue me by looking up the road sign for me, so I can figure out my way home. Aha technology, you either love it or hate it, for me mostly I LOVE IT!!!

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