Sunday, June 27, 2010

Courtney's Big day in reverse
(sorry one of these days I am going to remember that blogger enters pictures in reverse order)

All I can say about this picture is that if you are going to put sparklers on a Birthday cake don't light them in the kitchen and then carry the cake 20 feet, cause you end up with a very dramatic cake entrance!!!
Here it is my barbie cake, those of you on my facebook page, know that this took me all day to create, and although I think it looks like Barbie covered in inner tubes, Courtney and her friend were quoted saying "IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAKE I HAVE EVER SEEN" (nope I am not lying jack heard it too! so that makes the whole very frustrating day worth it!!!

This is what Barbie cake "TAKE ONE" looked like. Ummm ya, that Internet site that I got my directions off of, said nothing about putting in two cake mixes!! I was thinking of just icing it and calling it a day, but Jack came into the kitchen and said "WOW THAT LOOKS LIKE A BACHELOR PARTY CAKE" and then I realized that this cake was rather PG13 and decided I needed to try again (thus the above photo)

Dinner, both June babies decided to have sleepovers for their parties this year
(Aiden's is tomorrow) Courtney decided on a menu of hot dogs and hamburgers. Now I thought every child liked either hot dogs or hamburgers well see the child beside Courtney in the Red shirt, ya, she asked Jack and I for a "nice juicy carrot" instead. Great group of girls though, my daughter is blessed to have great friends.

Birthday morning, We let our kids open family gifts first thing when they wake
up which is why Jack looks so dead to the world cause he had to work the night before and Courtney without telling me, went into our room to wake her daddy up so she could open her gifts (rule is they have to wait till daddy is up, now I am thinking I will have to alter that rule)
All in all Courtney had a great birthday, she had lunch out with the family at Wendy's, and did arts and crafts all day till her friends arrived.
I can't believe my littlest is 8 years old already!!! I am totally ready to have that almost middle age oops. baby! Too bad the hubby isn't. Sigh....................oh well, I will just borrow cuddles from the children in the church nursery.

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