Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where We Spent Our 15 Year Anniversary
Mackinac Bridge
This is the view of the Bridge from the ferry that takes you to Mackinac Island, that is located on the tip of the Michigan State. We decided that would be our destination for our 3 day 2 night get away just the evening before we left. So we packed our bags, sent the 2 youngest ones to church camp and Thomas to a friends house, and set off. Jack got this brilliant idea to travel up the east side of the shore of Michigan, can I just say that roads here are not built for scenic drives! But still it was a blast as we laughed about our boring drive, and how many times we got lost, and God was good for us by granting my desire to run into a Tim Horton's (not available in Indiana) where I enjoyed a iced cap. and we both munched on donut holes. And even though our intention was not to eat at a golden arches, a queen or a king, the entire time. We had to break down and settle for the arches our first night out of pure desperation when at 8pm we still had not hit our destination and were still hopelessly LOST!!! Jack ate bites of his big mac and me my chicken grill in between fits of laughter and cries of frustration.
But when we got to our hotel room and were greeted by this view it was all worth it!!! Our hotel was right on the shore of lake Michigan. Great king size suite with a Jacuzzi tub and a TV in the bathroom. You could open up the doors to the patio and hear the lakes waves and if you closed your eyes you felt like you were at the ocean.

The next day we headed out with our bikes to the ferry that took us to Mackinac Island. The island does not allow cars, or motorized vehicles of any kind, so it was a bike riders dream. We did the 8 mile loop around the island taking many rest stops along the way to enjoy the view. Then spent the afternoon exploring the old English Fort.

that's me enjoying my morning cup of Joe, I am afraid the years are catching up with me, I am not really ready to go for the day till I have had either a cup of good green tea, or coffee filled with skim milk and a bit of sugar.

Me and My best friend enjoying the boat ride to the island. I cannot believe we hit number 15 already. I figured out that by my next birthday, I will have spent more than half my life with this man. We complete each others sentences, often express the same thoughts at the same time, and enjoy working together. Yeah we grumble at each other from time to time, but we make up quick and we laugh at the grumbles later. I cannot imagine sharing this adventure called "life" with anyone else, and hey I think we make cute children together too!
All in all a great anniversary trip, and I cannot wait till next year to pack up and explore another area together.

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