Sunday, September 26, 2010

September turned out to be a month that held a handful of disappointments for our family.
Jack was sitting down at the table just a few days before our planned trip to Canada going through paper work one last time. When he discovered something that he didn't notice before. His work visa was about to expire (as I write it expired just yesterday).
He said to me "no biggy go ahead and pack I will call the lawyer in the morning and get the paper work going". So I packed a bit and then went to get my fall hair appointment that next morning. When I got home he looked a little grey.
UM YEAH ITS A BIG DEAL! Turns out you can't work when your work visa has expired even if you do have papers that show a new one is in process and that you are currently in application for green cards. Also turns out work visa's have 90 day processing times. Which means ours is not expected to show up till 2 weeks before Christmas.
And so we jumped into action, paper in one hand calculator in the other hand, what could we do to lessen the blow of a very possible 3 month stretch of unemployment.
It became obvious within moments that the trip to Canada had to go, cause it would make a huge difference in our situation the next few months. Not an easy decision, but we believe it to be the wisest one given the options.
Jack was also able to get back on the schedule at his main job and therefore keep his holiday pay banked for our unemployment. His one day a week job also gladly took him back for the 2 weeks he had till his visa ran out and even gave him an extra shift. That and the fact that one of our reno/rental homes is finally complete and rented, is going to keep us through until we have that work visa in our hands again.
Oh I am sure we will hit a few bumps along the 3 month journey but God has never left us unfed or unclothed before and I am sure he is not going to stop now.
For now Jack and I are strangely in a way looking forward to a break from the 42 hr work weeks. His first plan is to finally clean out his workshop. Put it this way the place was such a mess he refused to let me take a before picture in fear of what his dad might say to him (I tried but he took my camera away from me by force! after that I couldn't exactly take a picture and post it behind his back) He and the kids emptied it out on Tuesday it took them over 4 hrs to empty it all into the main floor of our old home, so that he can build some shelves and then put it all back in an organized fashion. I think it should take him a few weeks.
After that he and I will bring down the plaster at the old house, demo. is FREE.
Other plans for the forced vacation, more naps, more reading, more walks, more family at home library free DVD nights, more time with friends and a bit more time to reflect and redirect life.

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