Monday, March 28, 2011

Murphy takes My Silver Bullet
I took this picture last month. I had plans to write a post that told about my faithful silver bullet how even though it had 170,000+ miles on it, it was still going strong. I was going to write how it was outlasting the family van, and how I was going to keep it and let Jack trade in the family van for the truck he wanted for his 40th. That all it really needed was a new bumper since my hubby had ruined this one in some snow play! (a man never really leaves his boyhood behind) But I didn't get to it that day, and then in the next couple of weeks, Murphy (Murphy's law that is) got to my silver bullet. First it developed a problem with its parking brake. Then whenever you stepped on the gas trunk flew open. Got the brake fixed and bungee cordered the back (cause the machanic had yet to figure out what would have caused that to happen). Then one warm Thursday afternoon, Murphy gave my silver bullet the final blow...... (see post below to read on, there are 4 posts in all)

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