Monday, March 28, 2011

to continue.... That is when the Terrible Day began! I got all the way to our destination, and we had a great time there. Loaded the kids back in the car. Adjusted the bungee cord. Got in and started the engine. And that is when the death of my little sliver bullet occured. Oh it started just fine, but the gear box would not move out of park. I wiggled, I jiggled, I prayed, I pleaded. Then I phoned my husband. Who was at work. His idea call triple A and get it towed. So I did, BUT have I ever told you Jack is not the best with paper work. Turns out he left my name off the card, so the lady said they couldn't send the truck out to get me. Called back my hubby, who appoligized, and suggested I start calling my friends to get me. So I tried, and in no time found one to come to my rescue. I left a note on the car, and jumped in her van, and off we went. The whole way home, I had that sick feeling, knowing this was it, the grim reeper was coming for my silver bullet and I was unperpared to replace it. Got home and looked it up on kelly blue, and yep my little beut was worth 1200 running and with a great body shape, and mine wasn't running and its body was in need of some work!

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