Monday, March 28, 2011

Our New to Us and Barely Used Vehicles

So the next morning, I drag my husband out of bed very early for his late working self, to drive an hour in our barely holding together van, to pick up our on it's way to junkyard heaven car.

Now if you are not the praying type you may find this funny, heck if you are the praying type you might find this funny. But after arriving to the parking lot where my car was, and unsuccessfully getting it out of park, my hubby and I took time to lay hands on the car and pray. Well can't really remember if we had hands on the car, but we were certainly close to it. After asking for direction and guidance, we called one of the two only car repairs shops in the little college town my car was stuck in.

And that is when they brought it to our attention that a car stuck in park cannot be towed, it has to be lifted! Ughh one more thing against my little silver bullet. The owner also told us that he was booked up for the next week and that it did not sound like an easy fix. So we tried the next shop, they were closed, so we got in our van and drove there to wait till it opened.

Turns out the shop was right next door to the only car dealership in the little college town. And on its lot a bright red truck caught my hubbies eye. Since we had been looking for a truck for a few months, we decide to go look. The price was better than all the trucks we had been looking at, in fact the prices on the lot for most vehicles were better than most dealers we had been looking at. Next thing we know we are going on several test drives and opening and closing doors to view the interior on almost every vehicle they had on their lot.

Never did make it to the repair shop, but it turned out okay. They took my little silver bullet off my hands, and gave me what it would have been worth if it had been fixed (equaled the taxes of my choice). They gave us a good sum for the van too! and according to kelly blue we saved a combined $6000 to $8000 on the combined total of our vehicles, so we felt okay with our choices. (although secretly I got to tell you I will like mine even better once it is paid in full, I am like that)

So here they are!!!!!

This is Jack's baby! room for the whole family for when we take the soon new to us bought with cash larger and air conditioned pop up (tent trailer). Now this is the vehicle we were planning to purchase sometime before Jack's 40Th, we were just hoping one of our two vehicles would make it a year or two longer till we could get enough cash saved or 100% down or at least 50% down, so as to avoid two full price car payments. Oh well, thanks to two special women we have no mortgage so we are still have less payments than most regular families. My new wheels. Definitely not a station wagon (although I still love them to pieces). Nope this time I thought of my growing kids, one being almost 6 feet, and their need to all be comfortable when we go some where as a family of 5. This baby, has a wide back row, plenty of room for growing behinds, and growing legs. It doesn't have a third row, but I love the trunk room, for all my yard sale treasures. It is also plenty of metal to wrap around my babies when they all learn to drive, cause if I keep this trailblazer as long as we kept the van, all three of the kids will be learning to drive in it (scary!) .

AND IT IS NOT A MINI VAN which to me is the most important thing, I cried the day we had to buy a mini van, and I can truthfully say, I didn't feel a bit of sorrow letting them have the keys to it (but I did feel sorrow over my little silver bullet, giving up the ghost). Oh and for my birthday, Jack bought me the hitch I need so I can attach my bike rack and drive out to the biking trail near us! can't wait.

Oh and one last thing, as I was driving off the lot, the car salesman was kind enough to show me all the features the trailblazer had that I never noticed, being to pre-occupied with things such as, is the back seat cramped, where can I put my yard sale finds, does it have a cup holder for everyone, how does the stereo work, does it have easy to wipe leather seats, and of course, does the heat and airconditioning work. Anyways, I didn't notice but the man pointed out, I have a sunroof and heated seats!! both are very cool!

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