Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has Arrived

I am not ashamed to admit it, I have become my mother in the fact that I hate winter. Oh I think snow is pretty for about 2 or 3 days, but then I am bored of it: and the cold, and the ice. And as for the piles of gloves and hats and bulky jackets and scarfs and snow pants that start to gather in my little boot room area well as for those I get quickly sick of them.

Plus I love to run OUTSIDE. In winter the darkness first draws me indoors and then the freezing temperatures and ice dangers keep me there. I start referring the the treadmill as the Dread Tread. I start staring out the window of the gym longing for the challenge of real hills again. Wanting to just wander, to roam.

Around mid-February the teasing starts, off and on warmer temps. causing the dangers of ice to melt away. Then by early March the mornings are getting lighter. But still the weather can be cruel and one day it will turn and go cold again, leaving you wondering, when will I consistently get outside.

And that brings me to the daffodils, I know once my daughter rips one of these delicate flowers out of the ground and brings it into me, that I have my answer. Its outside runs from now on! Spring has sprung, the dread tread hasn't won! I am back outside running those hills and breaking speed records. Did 6 miles in just over 53 minutes the other day, and that is a record for me. Sure its a long stretch from those Olympic guys, but I am not one of them nope I prefer to compare myself to myself, and if I am improving over time, then I am heading in the right direction!!!

Now just one more month and the morning air should be warm enough to break out that bike! Record was 3 hrs last year, going to try for a 4hr ride this year!

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