Monday, March 28, 2011

My Birthday!!!

As usual I had more of a birthday Long weekend than just a birthday day! Here are some pics. of some gifts and events I enjoyed.

I belong to a tonne of Birthday clubs so for the week before my birthday and the week after I enjoyed...... A free stir-fry on my birthday date with jack! A free bowl of noodles on a outing with Thomas. Free blizzard which I got through drive thru and brought home and shared . Free starbucks on an outing with Courtney. Free pasta on another outing with Jack, followed by a free strawberry ice drink. On my night out with the gals I enjoyed a FREE burritto, and on the birthday date with Jack we enjoyed dinner using my FREE burrito coupon at another burrito joint. Oh and also one afternoon a free birthday scone from one of my favorite bakeries!

But sigh I could not enjoy all my birthday free, a sundae, and a pancake meal went to waste, but one can only eat out so much in a two week span! Maybe next year with a bit of better planning I will squeeze them in along with the new FREE BIRTHDAY treat sites I have discovered already in the weeks since my birthday!!! OH HOW I LOVE BIRTHDAY FREE!!! At my gal's birthday night I was spoiled! with Starbucks cards, and chocolate, ginger delights and i-tune cards and knitting supplies!!! I love my girlfriends! We hung out at the restuarant till we were the only ones left. Laughing and sharing the whole time.
Me teasing the gals with Ginger! recieved as a gift from a friend. LOVE this stuff. I made a great chocolate bark out of it, 2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips, 2 tablespoons shortening, put in microwave and melt (stiring every 30 seconds) then add in ginger and almonds, and smooth out on a waxed lined cookie sheet and allow to harden. If you don't like ginger try a cup of whatever you do like, I often do half cup crushed pretzel sticks, and half cup dried cranberries, or I do a whole cup crushed oreo's! The variations are endless!
My Birthday treats to myself. I saved some of my birthday cash to start a new bussiness venture of sorts once the current renovation home becomes a rental. The rest of my cash I used to buy this sign for the dinning room popout window and the plants beside it. Oh and I also bought a new strength workout dvd "kettle bells" by Bob Harper! Love it!
One of my favorite gifts to open was the box full of art by Courtney, and she made me a necklace too! She may have meant "Best" but I will take "Beast" makes me feel more alive!! and sort of Hot Mama like!
Yes I know you saw this photo last month, but while I was buying my Bob Harper DVD at target on my birthday date with Jack, he whipped over to the instore starbucks and bought us another set! So now we have 2 each! and we sit and drink our hot tea together in the morning and catch up!
My Birthday Day food! I wanted to make an easy day for myself on my actual day. Jack had to work and Courtney was at a birthday party of her best friend who has a birthday on my day! So after I swung by to pick courtney up (and enjoyed cake and ice-cream with my birthday twin) , I picked up pizza's (with a coupon of course but it wasn't a birthday coupon) the deal came with pop and bread sticks. Then I spent the day reading and lounging. Oh and the Birthday cupcakes Jack bought for me before he left for work.

So as you can see I had a very yummy! 3 day celebration. Friday was date day with Jack. Saturday was hanging with the kids and eating pizza and taking in some birthday time with my birthday twin (courtney's best friend). Sunday evening I concluded the 3 days with a dinner out with the girl friends and in conclusion I will say I am blessed by all those who love me.

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