Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Christmas Tree attacks again!!!

No this in not the normal state of my daughter's bedroom!!
What you see is what happens when six adults leave three two year olds in one room unattended for a few minutes.
And if you are wondering what the white stuff is. Well remember how I spent 45 minutes cleaning up the glass, and then patching the window the christmas tree broke? . Well what you see in the picture is what I used to patch the window. I used a 2 inch thick Styrofoam sheet to cover up the whole window and adhered it with painters tape. Yes I realize that is not the normal patch job materials but it was what I could find!!!
Yeah anyways turns out two year olds love this stuff. It breaks into pieces really easily and starts too look like snow when you really get it going.
Even after four of the six mom's vacuumed and swept the room, (we left the other two downstairs to supervise the culprits) I am still sweeping up a bit more of the Styrofoam snow every day since Tuesday.
And exactly what were the six mommies doing while the kids were up to mischief, well we were knitting of course!!!!
I have started an epidemic of knitting amongst my friends. Either I or a friend I taught to knit has taught pretty much everyone in our circle of girlfriends to knit. We have a grand time sitting and chatting and knitting!!!

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