Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Daddy really blew the budget this year!!
There were three big presents under the tree this year from my kids to me. I thought that they were small gifts wrapped in big boxes to stop me from guessing!!! I am a great guesser!!! It really irritates Jack!!! He doesn't get much past me. Well this time he sure did.
What your seeing in the picture (which by the way if you double click on it, it will get apicture as big as your screen) is the willow tree nativity scene.
Now this cost way more than the $30 the kids were suppose to spend on me but I must say I am one happy MAMA!!!
I know several friends who have been salivating over this set for years, just like I have, and now I got it, so friends you don't have to salivate in public anymore, just come on over and drool at my house!!!

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