Sunday, December 16, 2007

(this is just a small selection of my yarn stash)
My Addiction!!!!
Yes I admit that I have a problem.
I first started realizing that I had a problem when I ran into my friends mother and she did not recognize me at first, she told me it was because she had never seen me without knitting needles in my hands!!!
Then this summer it hit a all time high. I was spending a week up in Fort Wayne with the kids who were enjoying zoo camp. I of course took my needles with me. Well I found out that during a city stop light, I can knit a entire row of a wash cloth, so my eyes on the stop light and my hands on my sticks I did it. Is that sad or what.
My knitting and me are two peas in a pod. Even my purse buying decisions revolve around them. I won't buy a purse if its not either small enough to fit in my knitting bag, or large enough for my knitting to fit into, and it has to have a zipper, because i have lost a few needles now in bags with no zippers.
I knit slower when I am tired, but get me angry and I can finish a whole wash cloth from start to finish in 45 minutes tops!!!
I have knitted wash clothes for so long now that I don't even need to look at the needles while doing it. My hands just know the motions.
The Worse part though is that my disease is spreading. All my homeschooling friends use to sit around and locker hook during our children's PE time (locker hooking is another passion I will share with you perhaps another time), now they are all knitting.
The ladies in my bible study, are all now knitting converts as well. They all sit and knit while I lead the class (and I of course join in and knit while I teach it cause I have discovered I can knit and read too!!!)
I knit while I homeschool, I knit while I watch tv, I knit during half time at the boys soccer games. I have knitted in grocery store line ups. I knit in drive thru line ups.
Do you think perhaps I have a problem!!!!

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