Sunday, December 9, 2007

What happened to October and November!!!
Several people have been mentioning to me, when are you going to update that Blog of yours. I finally felt in the mood tonight to write, so I thought I best take advantage of it, and I noticed as I signed in that my last blog was October 2nd. So much for trying to update the blog at least twice a month!!!
The house is coming along, the bottom floor is all drywalled and ready for the crew of taper's and muder's to come over and get it done. Once that is done, I will start priming and painting while Jack hangs the drywall on the top floor. Which will take him a while since we changed around alot of the closests to maximize storage in the old home that one had very little storage.
You might be wondering how are one year time line is going, well, we got real!!! and sat down and made out a schedual for how long things were going to take based on how long things have taken already, and realized two homes in one year is too much, but a home a year is fine with the spare time we have, and since we own the second home completely we can live comfortably at that pace, so why wear ourselves out when we don't have to.

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