Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The true reason for the season!!!
My kids and I enjoyed a great treat this year, of a birthday party hosted by a friend in honor of Jesus' Birthday. It was awesome and a great way to remember just what we are celebrating this day.

However, the party reminded me of a discussion my children had with me about a month ago that went something like this. We were all around the diner table eating when one child starts to say "Mom, you know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday" I said "yes" wondering in my mind exactly where the conversations was going, when another child blurts out "yeah its his birthday so why don't we have a birthday party for him that day" and another screams" yeah, we need birthday food, like hamburgers and chips and cake and ice cream" and that's when I knew it. My children had an ulterior motive for their spiritual revelations.

My kids are famous for their picky eating habits, my friends actually dread having to feed my children cause they fear my children may starve in their care, or they may rip their hair out if they hear "I don't like that" out of my children's mouths for the millionth time. And, those things that make up a holiday dinner, are high on my children's dislike list, Aiden at Thanksgiving survived entirely off white buns, Courtney entirely off mashed potato's and Thomas entirely off Turkey, yep that is right they all like different foods each picky in their own individual way.

So you see , as much as my children love learning about Jesus and other biblical matters, that truly was not their intent during that deep diner discussion, they were thinking with their stomachs and not their hearts. They heard the word birthday at church, and tied it hamburgers and hot dogs cake and ice cream, and not a child in a manger who came to offer us a free gift of eternal life. A gift that means more to me now than ever, cause I know that my mother took that gift that Jesus offered, and because I took it myself, I am confident that one day I will see her again, and that is a gift I hold dear to my heart.

So whether you are eating Turkey or Ham, or perhaps even hot dogs and hamburgers. Remember that today is a holiday based on celebrating the birth of Christ. Take a few minutes to ponder the true gift, in the midst of the celebration.

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