Sunday, December 16, 2007

We Got snow!!!!!

Thomas hiking up the hill for another slide!!!
Our snow lady (made by Courtney and I on Saturday afternoon)

Well it is finally here. We got our first really good dump of snow for the year. We got a bit of it a week ago but it did not stick for long. I think this storm should keep us white for quite a while.

Saturday, I resisted the urge to stay inside all day and cozy up with my knitting needles and headed out to make a snow lady with Courtney. I tell ya she is all girl, even her snow people have to be girls. That day there was barely enough snow to scrape together and make a little knee high snow person.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday has been a different story. By the time we woke up the snow lady we had built the day before was buried by the nights dump of snow.

By afternoon it had stopped snowing so Jack and I took all three kids out sleighing at the local school lot (about one of the only places around here with a good hill). They had a blast. Aiden is our biggest sleighing fan, we always have to drag him off the hill. Courtney, well she was done about 10 minutes into it, but she stuck around when our friends arrived with a thermal mug full of hot chocolate (and she drank the whole thing!!!!)

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