Sunday, March 9, 2008

Courtney enjoys a Tea Party!!!
Yesterday (being March 8) Courtney got to go to her first all girls birthday party. She loved rubbing it in her brother's noses all day long "I'm going to a tea party and you can't come cause your a boy and no boys are allowed at a tea party!!!".
Now Jami-Joe you put me to shame. Your parties rock girl. You have got to help me with Courtney's this year. This mama, had a table set up in her living room with a real china tea cup for each girl and a pair of white gloves and a straw hat with flowers and ribbons attached. She had the table elegantly dressed with mini sandwiches, cookies, brownies and candies.
The girls all made a picture frame that will soon be filled with a picture of them and the birthday gal Katie (her mama also takes great pictures, including our family photo I posted months ago on the blog, I totally recommend her for photo's if you live in the area).
Courtney of course has been wearing her hat all morning and is totally in love with her elegant white gloves. And of course she is trying to make her brothers jealous, by telling them about all the treats and activities they missed out on , just because they are boys!!!

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