Sunday, March 23, 2008

HAPPY Birthday to ME!!!!!
She truly had no idea that she had ice-cream mustache but I could not help but capture the moment to share with you all!!!
Yep I spent my Birthday at Chucky Cheeses. Well my evening anyway. Actually I had a pretty amazing birthday. It started off kind of rough, my mom use to call me every birthday morning without fail and sing happy birthday and tell me every little detail about the day I was born and how special I was to her. I missed that telephone call horribly. But, knowing how much mom loved making our birthday's special, I knew she would want me to get out and have fun, and so I did. I dried my tears and went shopping for the day in Indy with two friends and we had a great child free shopping day.
We got home late in the afternoon and I grabbed the kids and the hubby and out we went to Fort Wayne. Now it is a rule in our family that the Birthday boy or girl gets to choose where we eat on their birthdays. I decided to be a fun Mommy and choose Chucky Cheeses (hey I had a great coupon, I was dieing to use). Truthfully I love Chucky Cheese, just about as much as the kids, I love counting my tickets and trying for more. Plus Jack and I get lots of one on one time while the kids are busy playing.

We then went and picked up what I had decided to spend my birthday money on. A new mommy style bike, complete with wide handle bars, a big comfy seat with shock absorbers, and fenders (no mud up the back for this gal). The kids all ride bikes now, and I really wanted to take them out more this summer but I cannot keep up to them on foot anymore. Oh did I mention the color. Yeah its PINK!!!! I was leaning toward the more sultle grey and blue one when my husband said "Victoria you have been eyeing the pink one for months just get it will ya!!!" and with that he had the bike off the rack and was ringing the sales man to bring it to the front. Yep, I am over thirty with a pink bike!!!! I am going to get that wicker basket for the front too!!! as soon as I can find out who sells them. Courtney loves it, she says its the "prettiest bike she has ever seen and we will look good biking together".

We finished the evening with ice-cream at Cold Stone Creamery. If you have never been to one it is great. Its hard ice-cream that they put on a marble slab and you get to mix in whatever you want in it. The kids always get gummy bears in cotton candy. But from the picture you can see Courtney went chocolate this time. If you take a minute to visit their website you can sign up for the birthday club and you will get a coupon for a free ice-cream for your birthday (is anyone else noticing my coupon trend).

The best gift of the day though, coming just behind the new laptop Jack gave me (which unfortunately I have not been able to use due to us both being too computer illiterate to figure out how to get it through our wireless network security , but that is another story) The best gift of the day was the comment Courtney made as we were leaving the ice cream store. With ice-cream still on her upper lip she said "MOMMY YOU THROW THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTIES EVER, I LOVE YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!" and the boys all agreed.

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