Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thomas Turns 12!!!
Yeap my oldest child is now 12, one more year till we officially enter teenagehood. If you are wondering why there are so many hearts on the cake, Its because he is born on Valentines day, He is also a honeymoon baby so I call him my "love child", he of course blushes and gives me an "oh mom!!!!"
I must say though he is turning out to be a great kid. He is good to his siblings, and willing to help around the house (okay sometimes he complains, but honest a lot of times he just pitches in without being asked or asks how he can help).
He loves babies, I am expecting that he will give many grandchildren. When he was six he use to tell me "Mommy, when I grow up I am going to have enough kids to fill a school bus, and they will all sleep in hamocks that I will put in lines going down a big room" I asked him a while back if he still wanted that many kids, he said that he had downscaled to just 1/2 a dozen or so.
But seriously, he is good with babies. He loves going to MOPS with me just so he can help out in the nursery. He was upset one friday when he had to stay home from MOPS due to the flu. He is also trying to figure out how he can still help out next year even though his sister will be too old for the program. He figures I should just lie about her age, so we can all go one more year. One baby loves him so much that he had to hold her the entire program, because if Thomas wasn't holding her she would cry (Kristina that would be your daughter, and if you ever need a mama's helper, just give Thomas a call)
His other joys are dinosaurs, his computer game zoo tycoon 2, his playstation game TAZ, and of course TV. At least once a day you will here me say "Thomas time to unplug" which means time to play with something that does not run on electricity or batteries.
He had a great birthday. He celebrated with friends at his homeschool Co-op followed up by every twelve year old boys dream, lunch at the pizza hut buffet, where you can eat all you want (and believe me they don't make any profit off a twelve year old boys appetite, especially when you use your book-it-coupons)
The following day he had two friends over for a sleep over, and they went to Ryans (yeap another buffet place, oh and another coupon, this time I got two kids to eat free) and then played video games and watched movies till it was well past this mom's bedtime.
Oh to have a twelve year old, I love ya Thomas!!! You will always be this mama's "Love Child"
even if it does make you blush.

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