Sunday, March 9, 2008

The wonderful world of House Renovation!!!
We are still working on the house.We had a week off for holidays and then another when the kids and I were playing "hot potato" with the flu bug and Daddy was getting use to his new position as Nurse supervisor at hospice. But now we are back on track. We are gaining great speed as we have one man working on our stairs, a crew muding and taping the upstairs and another crew of father and son came in and poured our new concrete floor in the basement this week.
By the end of the week I will once again have several rooms to prime and paint. The basement is now waiting on me. And the trim is coming this week, and it will need painting too!!!
First though I have to help Jack insulate the attic floor. It is the last floor that needs some major attention. We plan to use it strictly for storage purposes, so we are just going to insulate the floor, put down some sub floor, and then cover the eves, so that I don't get cobwebs in my hair, or have to worry about meeting up with a hanging bat while trying to reach the camping supplies. Then we plan put up a few lights and an attic fan and call it done!!!

Here are a few pictures of the place for you!!!!

Picture below: This is in Courtney's room and will eventually be her bed area. It originally was this weird almost inaccessible storage area located above the stairs, but when we were tearing the house apart, Jack called out one day, "Honey I think I know how we could better use this" and then told me it could be like a loft bed for Courtney, I loved the idea and Courtney well she is thrilled, so we went for it. She loves climbing up in it anticipating the day she will actually sleep in it. I am going to line it with bead board, so it will hold up to our rough and tumble girl and then I am thinking about getting a decal made that says something like "sleep tight little princess" or something cute like that. We are also going to add a reading light on one end, I want a shaped one. Of course the whole room is going "lavender" and "pale pink" with lime green accents and white trim (yes I did borrow this color scheme out of the pottery barn for kids catalogue, but hey I promise to buy an accessory for the room from them to make up for it!!!). We are going %100 percent girl all the way on this one.

The rectangle shaped hole is our linen closest, which excites me cause I have never had one before (yes I know small things amuse small minds) The angled roofed opening is our last minute brain storm of how to use the space under the attic stairs. It is a computer nook, that will hold a bench with a lift up seat to hold the kids programs and built in desk for the computer screen and key board.

Below is a picture of the basement. Yes I know the walls are really gross looking but what you are looking at is the newly poured concrete floor.The old one was rotting and smelled really bad on hot humid days. This new one should fix that.I plan to repaint the walls with that white water seal paint and paint the dark ceiling joists white too, to brighten up the space and also let me
see spiders with greater ease (I hate those suckers so much I don't want to give them any
opportunity to crawl down into my hair while I am grabbing dinner out of the deep freeze)
Also I am hoping that the basement will be dry enough and bright enough for the old TV and PlayStation and a few moon chairs, so that the boys can kill alien creatures to their hearts content downstairs away from their mothers ears, after a while that "beep beep bop" gets on my nerves, and they don't like having the volume off so this seems like a good solution.

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