Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Big Decision
I know you all have been on pins and needles for the last two weeks wondering what I decided to do with the time I had over our home school fall break. Well except for those that I e-mailed all week with updates!!! (hope you guys were not sick of me, I needed some cyber support). I decided to do option C and give the whole current home a good go through. I tossed, I shredded, I boxed and donated, I dusted, I swept I vacuumed and scrubbed. I also, pondered and questioned, doubted and giggled even shed a tear or two, but it was worth all those hours. I took the time after each room was done to sit down and enjoy a cup of hot tea in it, and really enjoy the feeling of knowing I had no crumbs under my fanny, and no webs over my head.
Now I did not manage to get the whole house done, but I did get all the main floor except the front porch (hey there is no heating out there and remember I am a 40 degrees is freezing winter, western girl!!!!) I also got the dreaded craft room done upstairs, and I got a few Christmas decorations up in each house and got all my snail mail cards out and all but two parcels,sent the other two are all ready to go in the mail tomorrow.
It feels great, and it even inspired my husband to poetry, he left me a homemade card out one night for me to find in the morning It reads "The house is beautiful and so are you" I am considering framing it, so I can look at it for inspiration the next time my home gets so out of control!!!

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