Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Head Angel
Sorry the picture is sort of blurry, I took it during the final dress rehearsal, while robing and crowning ohhhh.... about 30 other little angels.
Thomas sent out his last year of being in a children's church choir with a bang, his character got the most lines in the whole performance, which made this Mama (that is what Courtney calls me, its sounds so cute!!!) and Daddy team very nervous. But he pulled it off wonderfully, and made us both so proud. I am sure Jack and I could of lit up a room with our faces alone once the night was through.
Jack and I both had the opportunity to see how far our little extremely colicky baby had grown, these last almost 13 years, last Sunday night during the play. You see there was a 4 year old girl I had the opportunity to watch all season long, whom reminds both Jack and I so much of Thomas when he was little. I even shed a tear in one practice while watching this child during the near final practice, thanking God for reminding me just how far Thomas has come. She like Thomas at that age, seems to see no reason to communicate with others verbally, and seems to be content in her own little world. I am sure , just as us ,her parents are wondering just when she will leave her little world and join theirs.
I had the opportunity to hopefully give those parents a little bit of hope, as I told them, Thomas too really spoke little at 4 and here now at 12 he has the most lines in the church play. The thought of it still blows me away, we really do not know what the mind and plans of God are.
I hope they received as much encouragement from my comments as I did
from, looking from their little girl to my big boy and saying "Thank you God for all you have done for my son" .
We finished off this joyous evening with a trip to Sonic for a slushy (it was Thomas' pick) and a drive thru the Gas city light display. Then we took our three little angels home to bed. It will definitely be a highlight of our Christmas 2008 season.

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