Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Tradition Returns

For the past 2 years I haven't hosted our "Sugar Cookie Decorating Party". The first year because it was my first Christmas with out Mom to call and share all sorts of excitement with and I just wasn't up to baking her cookies and sharing them with others.

The second year, our ceiling had lost most of its plaster, and more was falling every day, so I did not think it wise nor sanitary to invite a few dozen children into my home that year, but my redheaded friend was kind enough to host it at hers.

This year marked our first Christmas in our newly renovated home, and the children were itching to have their friends all over to once again enjoy decorating giant cookies in their own home.

We had just over 40 children and their mom's come in and decorate 2 giant cookies each, and it was a blast. Loud at times, for sure, but enjoyed by all whom attended.

I spent close to 6 hours in my new kitchen baking up all the cookies in anticipation, and loved every minute of it, with the Christmas music going, and updating my facebook friends as I went.

I am already looking forward to the Christmas Cookie Decorating Party of 2010.

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