Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our flooring deal

This is the flooring we got from Lumber liquidators, our favorite store for flooring deals. If you remember from reading about our last renovation home we got 1600 sq feet of laminate, and the padding for underneath for just under $2600 dollars and its the 12mm stuff. Which I am still very happy with almost a year into us living in that home. Its got a few scraps but it has held up fabulous for this "very rough on homes" family of five.
So naturally we returned to the website of Lumber Liquidator's when we purchased our current renovation home. This time we wanted something cheap yet very durable for renters. Well God provided just that at rock bottom prices, President's Day , the store had a sale on resilient flooring for .39 cents a sq foot, we got just over 1000 sq feet with new sub flooring and glue for just under $900.
It is essentially a lino flooring cut into wood like strips, but should be very durable. I am looking forward to seeing it all installed BUT not to the headache the glue will give me. I am thinking of wearing our respirator mask that day, I am very sensitive to glue smells, total migraine trigger for me.
My job that day will be cutting with essential y this industrial grade paper cutter, Jack will be marking and sticking, I am sure by the end of several days we will be both hobbling over clutching our lower backs and aching knee's like a couple of 70 yr olds!

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