Sunday, February 28, 2010


Right now I have just started a 12 week test on the "power of Scope Whitening". Now this test began all because of my dear 7 year old daughter. This is the same daughter who once told me, "mommy why do you have white streaks in your hair?" (which led me to my first dye job) who is a sister to the same son who told me "mommy are you growing a moustache?" (which sent me to the beauty parlor for a wax job) . Yes my children love asking questions that are better left unsaid, but truly I love their honesty, cause who knows how long other's whom I call my friends, have thought the same things about me but never said a word!!

So it only seems fitting that this child should start me on a quest to whiten my yellowing British gene teeth with her comment of "MOMMY WHEN DID YOU START PAINTING YOUR TEETH YELLOW!". Thank you Courtney for your honesty, mommy loves you, and I cannot wait to return the favor, when you become older.
Here is a horribly blurry pictures of these "yellow painted" teeth, I will take another month to see if we notice any difference.

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