Sunday, September 26, 2010

My boys and their XBox

First to correct the title the xbox is actually Thomas' he bought it with his birthday money and the money he earned helping dad at our recent renovation home that is now rented. Aiden however has fallen in love with it probably even more than Thomas and so saved up his money to purchase his own remote and now several games.
HALO seems to be the boy's favorite series. It is violent if you ask me, but it is played pretty much every where they go, so best monitor it at home than have them yearning to leave home so they can sneak playing it else where is Jack and I's thinking.
This year they only get an hour a day of media till their reading books for the week are done (read my post a month or two ago about our school day to see what reading books are). Once they are done their two reading books then they are allowed 2 hrs, and a free for all Sunday afternoon as a reward for getting their reading done early.
"Media" here includes, all gaming systems, laptop gaming and on-line TV watching, and DVDs of non educational nature. Our family does not have TV like most families (cable or satellite) we figure what they have in video games and online and DVDs is enough! Plus we find they get way less "gimmes" since there is less exposure to commercials.
Right now the boys are anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Halo Reach" they worked hard the last while at chores to each reach the 1/2 way mark then combined their money and had me order it on-line just a few days ago. I am sure once it arrives, other boys will be sneaking their way over to my house to try it out.

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