Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Man Apparently Loves my Lasona

I don't often make Lazona, probably because not even one of my three food picky children like it. Jack and I however love it, so once and a while I will get in the mood to make it and just let the "kids eat cereal" (after their required 2 bites that is) (although one doesn't even like cereal so he has a peanut butter sandwich, which has to be the right brand of peanut butter and the right type of bread, I told you MY KIDS ARE SUPER PICKY EATERS).

Anyways back to the Lasona well a few weeks back I got in the mood to make some, I made 3 pans actually cause hey might as well fill the oven up if I am turning it on during summer heat. I put one on the dinner table and two in the freezer. I have collected glass pans like above with lids at yard sales and off discount store racks with 20% off coupons over the years to have a few extras for freezer meals.

After a dinner of much wailing from my children, which my husband and I blocked out, I put the remainder of the lasona in the fridge. Not even 48 hrs later I went back in the fridge to get myself some for dinner while Jack was away at work and the kids were eating hot dogs (yes all three will eat hot dogs, but again only certain types)

Back to my dinner discovery, the picture above tells it all!!! just 48 hrs earlier this pan had just 2 pieces missing. The rest is the work of my man and his stomach!! Apparently he loved it so much he ate it for breakfast with fried eggs (very weird combo if you ask me but, whatever) and then for lunch at work, and then as a late night snack after work. All that was left for his lovely lasona making wife was the slightly crispy edges!

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